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"I would not be an educator in South Korea if it wasn't for Educon. The things that they helped me with before, throughout, and after the application process were things that I would not have been able to accomplish alone (or at least not while remaining sane). I have spoken with many of my new friends about how they went about coming to work for EPIK. The ones who used recruiters said that they were reasonably helpful but much of the stress and organization was still on their shoulders. When I tell them about my experience with Educon their envy is through the roof. People who applied directly to EPIK on their own were even more jealous. 

Educon helped me handle everything. They told me what forms to get in, at what time, and where to send them. They were even there to talk to about the process when I was less than collected about the whole ordeal (somewhat often, seriously, ask them). I have no idea how these lovely people are so good at working in a field that is so complicated. They were with me every step of the way, from Visa to application to booking my flight. They are impossibly kind and understand fully what you are applying to do. They know that it is a huge step no matter what, but they also know how incredible and rewarding the experience is. 

To be perfectly honest teaching in Korea is the best decision I have ever made and Educon made it happen. I am still looking for the catch, and I can't find it. I will always be greatful for the dedication and kindness of Educon. 

Happy travels!"

Kyle William Durham. (Gujeong Elementary School in Jincheon)